Best Road BikesGetting your very first road bike for your outdoor exercise and adventures can be a bit daunting and time-consuming especially if you are totally clueless on bikes and its numerous terminologies. There are many factors to consider before going out there to get your very first mountain bike including budget and frequency of use. In this article, we will walk you through a step-by-step process on how to choose one of the best road bikes that will bring you many happy years of ridding experience.

Budget and frequency of use

These two factors goes hand-in-hand meaning the decision you take on one will affect the other and vice versa. How frequent or regular you intend to go cycling will determine how much budget you should set aside for your new mountain bike. If your plan is to go cycling on regular basis, then you will want to set aside a budget ($500 – $1,000) that will finance the purchase of a relatively expensive bike that is sturdily built, light in weight and dead easy to handle and maneuver on different tracks. On the other hand, if you intend to it into use every once in a while, then there is no need to invest in a high tech bike as a moderately designed models will be alright. These types are also ideal when shopping for best road bikes for beginners.

Minimal Rolling Resistance Tire

Choosing bikes that are designed with minimal rolling resistance tire will make your cycling experience an exciting and fulfilled one. How can you find out if the bicycle you are interested in buying is designed with this type of tire? It’s simple! Inspecting the tire for a smooth and narrow tracks will reveal if indeed the tires are designed for minimal rolling resistance effect or not. Cycling with bike fitted with this type of tire allows the rider to feel all the bumps present on every twist in the trail. Bear in mind that these kind of tires don’t promote a support riding experience but rather are designed to create minimal resistance and are perfect for a fast cycling experience on a short distance road.

Type of frame

The type of frame used in designing a bike will rub off on its overall performance and comfort. As earlier hinted, your bike budget plays a significant role on the type, quality and grade of bicycle you will eventually buy. The commonest road cycling bikes are designed with aluminum and steel frames. There is nothing wrong in getting any of these provided you are familiar with what each of their strength and weaknesses are. bikes built using aluminum frames are lightweight but are not very flexible and thus may result in a not too smooth riding experience over a relatively long distance. Steel frame bikes are more flexible but are not lightweight as the aluminum counterparts. For a competitive rider that needs all the speed he can get, choosing a street bike with a steel frame may not be a very wise decision as the weight in the steel material used in frames is likely to slow him down. Carbon fiber although more expensive have proven to be the best choices for those looking for bikes that are both flexible and lightweight as it combines the strength of both aluminum and steel frames. This is also a handy tip to consider when scouting for the best mountain bikes under 1000.


Before making up your mind on what type bike you will be going home with it imperative that you familiarize yourself with the types of gear options available. The two basic gears common with street bikes are the low and high gears. The lower gears are very handy when cycling through a hilly terrain as it allows for easy climbing of hills. The high gears are excellent for achieving maximum cycling speed on flat road surface. This knowledge should guide your decision on the type of bicycle you finally end up.

The handle Bar

Make sure to scrutinize the configuration of the handle bar of any road bike you are interested in buying to confirm that it is indeed configured for on-the-road adventures. Different bikes have different handle bar designs with respect to the terrain it will be used on with the road bicycles being no exception Handle bars for our type of bike usually have a straight bar coming right out of the stem of the main handling system, and then curves under to enhance superb speed with the rider hunching over the handling column.

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